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Why did I start this website? This took me awhile to figure out. To give people tools to become healthier was my first thought. However, it’s more than that, it’s about helping people realize they can still have fun and be healthy at the same time. It’s more about a new mindset than a single workout program or restrictive diet. It’s about lifestyle change. You can still visit Burger King every once in awhile or Braum’s. It’s the understanding that making a few basic lifestyle changes will impact you and your family far more than you can ever imagine. But no, I don’t think any of these are the real reason I started this website.

After careful consideration, I started this website due to personal tragedies in my life. I lost both of my parents at a young age. My parents never got to see all of the success I achieved in my life. I was able to succeed at a high level of sport and I always tried to take care of myself. I had access to better information than my parents and I tried to share it with them. However, it fell on deaf ears. They were both lost before their time due to poor health. Smoking, bad food, and lack of exercise caused underlying health issues that claimed them too early. I went through a rough period where I was lost and didn’t understand how this could happen. My parents were not overweight. They were not obese.

Over time I understood – the American way of life killed them. A new culture began in the late 1950’s where fast food, smoking, reduced exercise, computers, video games created several generations of couch potatoes. Our health as a country has continuously disintegrated for the past 40 years. More people are obese in 2010 than ever before. Schools have slashed Physical Education classes, furthermore, school lunches are a joke where everything comes out of a box. For the supposed leader of the World, our country has lost all common sense regarding our health. Almost every other commercial on TV or radio is for some man made food that you can get in a drive through window in less than 60 seconds or some frozen food that comes in a box. Corporate America it seems is out to cash in on our health, and why shouldn’t they? The people of this country are buying their foods in record numbers.

How could the greatest nation in the World have sunk to this level? People are living shorter lives. Children are getting Diabetes at earlier and earlier ages. Health care costs are sky rocketing because people are so overweight today. Today’s generation is predicted to live a shorter life than the previous generation for the first time in history. Children can easily spot Ronald McDonald but don’t have a clue who the Vice President is.

Pain can drive people to many things. It has driven me to create this website in the hope you don’t experience what I experienced. I hope the information you find here is helpful to you and your journey to better health. I will do my best to post worthwhile content that you will find informative and useful in improving your day to day life.

I encourage you to break the Fast Food American lifestyle. – if you are eating outside of your house more than 10% of your total meals, you need to break the habit. Fast Food, Frozen Food, Fat Heavy foods and bad exercise habits killed my parents and I don’t want that to happen to you. Please use this site as a reference for a healthier lifestyle. Feel free to write me if you need any advice or help, I am more than happy to help you with your goals.

Furthermore, if you are a personal trainer, nutritionist, or health nut, feel free to send in your articles, your class times, etc.. Let’s try to build a grassroots effort to help educate people on living a healthy lifestyle.

Sal Ferreira, NASM-CPT

Brief bio – over 10 years of fitness training experience and knowledge, licensed massage therapist and flexibility certification. National and state level NPC bodybuilder. Services offered are one on one training and diet coaching, fat loss, muscle gain, injury rehabilitation, contest prep and online coaching.  It’s never too late to start for Sal has worked with all fitness levels from seasoned athletes to someone who has never exercised in their life and has achieved dramatic results.

Contact info: Sal Ferreira, NASM-CPT



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  1. John Warner Laster
    9 years ago

    Hey bro,
    Saw you on twitter. I’m a coach with Beachbody/P90X and love it..been doing it over 3 years!

    Thanks for the article.


  2. stephanie
    9 years ago

    I’m ready your blogs & they are awesome. Love you reviews of different workouts as well. I didn’t know if you were already a beachbody coach or not – – but my goodness if you are not then you should think about it. You are very encouraging/motivating & know what you are talking about it.
    Great stuff – keep up the great work!

  3. Destiny
    7 years ago

    Hey, are you still in business? If yes, please message me back to my e-mail so I can get some info from you. Would like to sign up for some of your services.

  4. Christian Henning, NASM-CPT
    6 years ago

    Yes, still in business. My business partner was supposed to be monitoring these comments but apparently let it slide. Can I still be of help?


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