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Brief bio – over 10 years of fitness training experience and knowledge, licensed massage therapist and flexibility certification. National and state level NPC bodybuilder. Services offered are one on one training and diet coaching, fat loss, muscle gain, injury rehabilitation, contest prep and online coaching. It’s never too late to start for Sal has worked with all fitness levels from seasoned athletes to someone who has never exercised in their life and has achieved dramatic results.

Contact info: Sal Ferreira, NASM-CPT, 405.626.7477 sal.ferreira@att.net

Five years ago, after the realization that I needed to make a change to my body, I decided to “take control” of my personal fitness. I had always been a walker and thought I was aware of my diet, but wasn’t seeing any significant progress. As a gift, I received a trial six- week fitness program with a personal trainer. Having a personal trainer was always something I “wished” for and made sacrifices to continue with. That six week program continued for three years and the results were amazing losing 40 pounds and many inches. I absolutely loved training and then…my husband took a job in OKC and, not only were we quite unexpectedly moving, but I was losing my trainer! Believe me; this was almost as traumatic as the move!
Once we settled into our new city, I was determined that finding a gym and a personal trainer would be a top priority. We knew NO one in OKC and truly just “happened upon” a fitness center because of its proximity to our new home. After speaking with Sal and joining the gym, I shared with him my wanting to resume personal training. It’s been almost three years since Sal and I began working together and I feel lucky to have found someone who understands both the fitness and the emotion behind training. If I happen to come to a session with questions regarding certain exercises and their results, Sal is always willing to listen to my concerns and make adjustments. I truly feel fitness is an attitude and Sal keeps things positive and attainable. I always look forward to a great workout and am not disappointed. I honestly never thought I’d find someone to replace my previous trainer, but I am very glad I DID!
Barb – Edmond, OK

Sal always designs challenging fitness programs which include weight and cardio training. He has been there to assist in every way; if I don’t understand what is being presented he explains how it works, benefits and how it effects the body. Sal is definitely a live walking fitness/nutrition dictionary not to mention personable and entertaining. When I started strength training at first I was scared and did not understand the machines and free weights but with his expert guidance, he is actually able to relax the client so that they get the most benefits out of an exercise set. He’s pushed me to lift heavier weights which I see the many changes happening to my body which in turn make me stronger, healthier plus brings my confidence levels up personally to all areas of my life.

Harold – Oklahoma City, OK

For the past five years I have been training with Sal. He is a fantastic motivator as well as a great friend. With his creative workouts I find myself challenged every session and never getting bored of a routine. One thing I can guarantee is that the next day I will definitely be sore – in all the right places!

Mindy Simon, P.A.-C
Steelman Clinic
Oklahoma City, OK

After almost 4 years and 40 pounds lost, I can honestly say that Sal has changed my life.  He is everything and more I could have asked for in a trainer and it was just by luck that I found him.  About five years ago, Sal was a newly hired personal trainer at the gym I recently joined. When I signed up to do a free fitness assessment he was the one who ended up doing mine.  Well he must have made quite an impression that day because for Christmas I gave myself the gift of training sessions with Sal and that was four Christmas’ ago!  He is knowledgeable, thoughtful, kind and determined to see you succeed no matter how big or small the goal may be.  I have set several goals for myself along the way and with his help have achieved all of them.  I know that without him I would not go to the gym and train like I do. He is my inspiration to continue on my journey and without him I would never be where I am today!

Brennan – Edmond, OK


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