Speed your Fat Loss and Muscle Building with Boot Camp Training and Ditch your Old School Trainer

When I go to the gym I see a lot of trainers doing the right things. However, you’ll see the older trainer “experts” still preaching and teaching the old and ineffective methods for building muscle. Consider that these out-dated techniques will lead to injury, produce mediocre results, and take way too long to see progress.

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Most of these old school trainers want you to workout 5 or 6 times a week doing exercises you should not be doing (think of an injury that puts you out of action for weeks at a time). Who has the time for that? Since we all have busy lives as it is (family, work, play) it doesn’t seem practical to spend six days a week working out, does it?

The truth is…

… You can easily start building a buff body in 3 days a week – 45 minutes per workout.

And that’s not a gimmick, it’s TWICE the results in HALF the time!

Throw away your old-school trainer and old school 1980’s training technology you were taught because with three 45-minute workouts a week, Boot Camp Training turns ancient fitness techniques upside down.

Combining science and proven exercise techniques, Boot Camp training combines progressive exercise movements and High Intensity Interval Training to produce dramatic results that convert even the most die hard old schooler.

Get ripped, strong, and flexible in a fun environment all without long bouts of boring cardio.

So what makes Boot Camp training different from 3 sets of 10 rep workouts trainers are still dishing out today?

That’s a good question.

Where old school personal trainer programs are 3 days of muscle building and 3 days of long boring cardio (think 6 days), Boot Camp training is focused on muscle building AND fat loss in the same session. Boot Camp training speeds up the fat loss process without cannibalizing the muscle you’re adding.

Just because ancient trainers aren’t using these techniques does not mean they are easy. I guarantee you will get the best work out you can possibly get in HALF the time.

GetFitOKC.com will be opening registration for boot camp fitness classes in Oklahoma City and Edmond this summer.


Christian Henning, NASM-CPT
Oklahoma City Boot Camps


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